Nothing more then a sanctuary of my emotions...


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Nothing more then a sanctuary of my emotions...

Karma is a bitch isn't it?

2010-06-23 [ Broken Promises ]
So I guess everyone knows my Gf left me... She kept telling me to give her more time before she comes back... I guess it was just an excuse so that id feel less upset when really I never had a chance... But what ever what we had use to be special maybe she left me for someone else but fuck it if that's what really happened I wont take her back even if she was to beg me... That's so fucking gross. One day she will regret her stupid choice she always has to learn the hard way... But by then its going to be too late I've already moved on so what ever. Anyways what is interesting now is that the website I created for me and her has finally started to do well shortly after she left me. Soon ill be making enough money to support myself... I wish I could of supported her also to give her what she deserved but after what she's done to me she doesn't deserve anything at all... I just fined it funny how I created this for me and her yet in the end it started to do well after she left me but like I said karma really is a bitch isn't it? Really what pisses me off the most... Is how after all the promises we've made to each other... Her last words she said to me... And how I feel as though she did to me exactly what she did to her ex... Even though she told me I was so much more... In the end it all means nothing to her... It meant so little to her that she wont even give me a second chance... I can't believe how big of a fucking lie this relationship was not to mention how fucking sad and pathetic the breakup was over a TxT Msg how fucking sad can it get... I wish I knew she was a liar in the first place I was too fucking stupid to know I guess... At least I can understand now why I was never able to trust her.
    Random passer by who thinks you should try to cheer up :) 2010-10-10 21:47 [編集]

    Ever heard of falling out of love?
    Well I don't pretend to know shit about you or the people you associate with but I know that if you truly loved her, you wouldn't be bagging her out and calling her derogatory names right now. If a relationship doesn't work, it's not because your girlfriend is a bitch. I mean be glad she didn't cheat on you like so many other girls do.
    And I know life's hard but fuuuuck geez stop fucking whining and look up once in a while instead of holing yourself in your dark, self-pitying mind. Being the emo skinny boy you are isn't as cool and awesome as you think.
    Think happy thoughts!

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