Nothing more then a sanctuary of my emotions...


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Nothing more then a sanctuary of my emotions...

First Love is a Demon sent from Hell

2010-06-25 [ Broken Promises ]
I want to make sure everyone out there doesn't make the same mistake I did... Although I'm sure many already have. The feeling of falling in love is so overwhelming usually its impossible to notice anything else but the love you share for that individual even if it is a demon... He or she becomes everything to you they become your life but eventually they become so much that without them you feel as though you have nothing left as if they have taken part of your soul, That's when they have you now... Its exactly what they want because they are nothing more then a demon in disguise the purpose of their existence was to take everything they could from you and crush your heart until it bleeds every last drop of love in your soul dry... Once this has happened to you if you begin to ask yourself... Why am I so hurt yet they seem as though nothing has happened as if they are completely unfazed it is because they have no heart they have no soul... Therefore they do not have the ability to feel love or sadness... Everything they said to you everything they told you... All the love you thought they felt for you was nothing more then a disgusting act put up so that they could take your heart and soon as they feel they have grasp of it they are done with you... Leaving you in darkness to realize how depressing and dark this world really is. Its a lesson we must learn I guess that is why first love never last no matter how many promises have been made its all bullshit in the end.
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