Nothing more then a sanctuary of my emotions...


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Nothing more then a sanctuary of my emotions...

Found 2 more stray kittens

2010-10-17 [ Diary ]
I wonder what's with all the stray kittens being found outside this time of year... Just today I found 2 more living under a trailer the weird thing is they are so friendly for strays. Anyway its a good thing I got them before winter did there's no way they could of survived... Here's a picture I took of them.
    シイオ 2010-10-17 19:54 [編集]

    This two kittens are so cute! I also wonder what will happen with them, i hope they can get a home and food!
    Good job at this photo, i like it! ;D
    don't give up on photography!

    Bledwings 2010-10-17 20:31 [編集]

    Thank you this year Ive found 5 stray kittens in my yard, these ones i hope to maybe keep one and give one to my gramma. Either way im sure ill find a good place for them

    ArienneYori 2010-10-17 23:41 [編集]

    Hey Matt. You're a really kind person. If I were you, I'll probably leave them alone because I'm really afraid of animals, be it a hamster or a puppy. Well at least, they weren't abuse by sickos. Although I can hear cat screaming once in a blue moom, it literally pierced through my heart :( How I wish to be a little braver...

    Bledwings 2010-10-17 23:54 [編集]

    aww np lots of people are the same way dont worry about it, I cant help it actually i even try to save the smallest thing such as a bug... my friends think im a little weird...

    ArienneYori 2010-10-18 00:21 [編集]

    Nah, that's compassion. Maybe you're a lil' sensitive while your friends are rather insensitive. Speaking of bugs, will you try to save a cockroach? Heheh.

    Bledwings 2010-10-18 00:40 [編集]

    honestly yeah because it has a life of its own... even if its insignificant to us i feel it still deserves to live.

    ArienneYori 2010-10-18 01:20 [編集]

    I see... Frankly speaking, I would just kill them. They're way too disgusting and there is more than enough. By the way, where are you from? Canada?

    Bledwings 2010-10-18 01:44 [編集]

    I guess you are its natural prey lol, and yes i am what about you?

    ArienneYori 2010-10-18 05:21 [編集]

    LOL. Make a guess? I'm from somewhere known as a little red dot, located in South East Asia. Having Malaysia and Indonesia as neighbouring countries. :)

    Bledwings 2010-10-18 11:43 [編集]


    ArienneYori 2010-10-18 17:10 [編集]

    Nice try but you're wrong, I wish I were from Japan! Everything is just so cool there! Anyway, I'm from Singapore. Have you heard of it? Also, it's super warm and humid here.

    filtti 2010-10-19 11:18 [編集]

    Wowww! What little cuties >O<
    Awww, I'm so inlove with them!! I wish I lived near so I could take one home for myself <3 hehe

    Candy 2010-10-19 19:44 [編集]

    They are cute

    Bledwings 2010-10-20 01:58 [編集]

    aww thank you, they are more cute then they look too. I really love how they eat like little pigs and then come running at me mewing sounding like little fat asses hehe

    гукичан 2010-10-21 10:57 [編集]

    v-10 awww they are so adorable :< if only I was actually there I would so adopt them in! /but i think my parents would be yammering away because I've been taking in alot off kittens since young

    still i think some people have been purposely leaving the kittens arnd your place knowing full well someone WILL eventually pick them up >_< but good to know they will have a good home to stay at

    Casi 2010-11-03 05:19 [編集]

    that's so cute!

    Bledwings 2010-11-14 05:48 [編集]

    thank you im glad you think so!

    research papers 2011-03-25 14:13 [編集]

    They are so little and cute((

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