Nothing more then a sanctuary of my emotions...


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Nothing more then a sanctuary of my emotions...

Found 2 more stray kittens

2010-10-17 [ Diary ]
I wonder what's with all the stray kittens being found outside this time of year... Just today I found 2 more living under a trailer the weird thing is they are so friendly for strays. Anyway its a good thing I got them before winter did there's no way they could of survived... Here's a picture I took of them.

Went to a interesting event

2010-10-16 [ Diary ]
I never heard of this event at all until today but my grandpa mentioned he wanted to go, it was actually pretty interesting there was lots of animals and free samples of food and horse rides going on, Also these 2 young kids were playing the violin the whole time on stage and were pretty amazing for their age... I always wanted to learn to violin also.

First photo with my Rebel XS

2010-10-14 [ Diary ]
I think it looks alright for my first photo.

Purchased my Canon EOS Rebel today.

2010-10-14 [ Diary ]
Its a pretty nice camera, I bought it this morning and am just now starting to understand it better... I also get a very nice quality lens with it for just $200 more it was actually a really good deal. Even though i understand how the camera works Ive still got a lot of learning to to to reach the level oh photography that i wish for.

Went out today and bought something nice for once

2010-10-13 [ Diary ]
I'm not one to waste money on materialistic shit... but for once i thought it would be nice to buy myself some nice clothing since i have no problems affording it now... but even so its going to be quite a while before i buy myself anything else haha... I wasn't planing on buying shoes also... but i run so much now and need a better pair of shoes for running... I'm still saving up for my camera too.


2010-10-09 [ Diary ]
I wont lie i never bothered to make a fucking wish before in my life... But for once i feel that theres something i wish for. I'm sorry but please don't take it personally you only fucked with my values yet alone my life.

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