Nothing more then a sanctuary of my emotions...


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Nothing more then a sanctuary of my emotions...

Do you promise me.

2010-09-28 [ Diary ]
Life was perfect until the most elegant flower died within my hands, Still i hold the lifeless pedals with my blood stained hands forsaken in darkness the sorrow devours me alive.

Helpless Kitten....

2010-09-26 [ Diary ]
Today well going for a walk i found a poor kitten too young to even open its eyes stuck in a puddle of mud... I was so surprised it was still alive after the rain storm last night... Each time it meowed at me it sounded as if it was about to give up on life...I know it was screaming all night alone in the storm, I pulled it out of the mud and took it to my house and cleaned it and warmed the kitten it was so cold then a really nice girl who looks after animals came all the way from Vancouver to my house to take it to the vet and a place it can be better cared for... I really hope this kitten survives... It isn't fair to die before you get the chance to open your eyes.

Life of books...

2010-09-24 [ Diary ]
My mind feels so blank right now... I guess im not reading enough starting now ill be doing nothing besides spending months reading book after book... I wish i could just look at a book and understand its knowledge but i guess this way is alright too just a little boring... =_=;

La tristesse durera toujours...

2010-09-20 [ Diary ]
When a human begins to bleed unable to stop they eventually bleed to death... If so then what happens when the soul weeps unable to be mended. What dies then... maybe eventually i will have to pleasure of experiencing this.

Such a rainy day.

2010-09-19 [ Diary ]
Its currently 2 42 pm, Thanks for reading.

Never thought such a beautiful song could get to me so much...

2010-09-17 [ Diary ]
Each time this song plays its as if im walking through the past in places i shouldn't be alone. I guess its wrong to think i was alone... the darkness breaths down my neck.
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